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Why The 'Employee' Package is More Important Than Ever

The employee package is what a new staff member gets for their service to a company. This is often mistaken for solely monetary, but this could not be further from the truth.

Of course, cold hard cash is what pays the bills and will always be a factor, but, especially the new wave of hires, want more. People want more from their role, to feel fulfilled, to create a lifestyle, to be part of something.

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10 Places You Need To Discover In Winchester

Chloe and I recently spent half a day wandering around Winchester City, exploring through the streets and discovering new places we’ve never come across.

Having lived in small towns around Winchester and both having studied in Winchester’s colleges and universities, it’s a place we’ve both come to know and love for so many reasons.

Winchester is the home of so many of the small businesses we love and support. So today, we thought we would share with you some of our favourite places in Winchester…

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New Addition To The Cone Squad

This week is a super exciting one for us at Cone HQ as we welcome 2 new members to the Cone Squad.
As our team grows, there were fundamental things that we knew that we had to look for in our new squad members.

So after 86 applicants in just one week, and 7 interviews we chose our 2 new squad members. So without further ado let me introduce them to you...

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