Client Stories


Monica Welburn
the elgin avenue

I've been working with Cone for almost one year now, and cannot recommend Ben and his team enough for small business owners, creatives and bloggers.

Ben and his team really understand the nuances of being a small creative business, and have helped me to not only stay on top of my accounting but to plan for the future too.

Laura Turner Hero Stores

Laura turner
Hero Stores

Cone have given me an excellent business foundation which means I can spend time working on growing my business and not with my head in a spreadsheet.

I would (and do!) recommend them to anyone who has a creative business. They do hard work so you can spend your time being creative.

I’d recommend Cone to everyone. Don’t know what I would do without their continuous ongoing support.
— Joe Davies of Malum

helena murphy
the guide to growth

Cone are my all-time favourite accountants! 
As a business coach and investor, I've met and worked with my fair share of accountants and Cone are my favourite. They make everything so easy to do and actually make financials fun (yes, really).

If you're someone who hates the spreadsheets and financial side of business, then Cone will make your life so much easier and take all of the pain away whilst also making sure you still understand everything and are in the best possible position to grow a profitable business.


Gee Woods
Gee Woods Jewellery

When you start your own business you are trying to do so much and the accounts side of it completely overwhelmed me. Step forward Cone who arrived and completely overhauled how I did things. They set me up on Xero and have patiently spent hours talking through all my options and gave me extensive one to one training.

No question is too small or trivial for him. I would recommend talking to Cone if you are thinking of setting up a business or moving from your current accountant. Cone's made a vital difference to my business.

Cone are excellent. Would recommend to everyone. Always answers any questions or problems I have very quickly and they have taken the stress out of my accounts so I can get on with my business. Thank you Ben and your team .
— Trudy Slade of TS Services

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