How it works

You shouldn't have to stress and worry over the bookkeeping in your business. Let Cone take away the burden and produce some lovely reports for you at the end of each month. It's really that simple. See how our bookkeeping service works below.



Visual Reporting with accurate data

We turn your bank statements, invoices and receipts into beautiful reports that show your business performance clearly and accurately. All your transactions are split into their categories and our reports help you to see where you are earning your money, how you are spending it and what is on the horizon.

Having this information on hand will help you to make better informed decisions on your next business steps. It's not a coincidence that the most successful businesses use reporting and analysis. It's time to stop stumbling around in the dark and turn on the lights to your business growth journey.


Real accountants, real people

We're here to take away the stress of managing your own bookkeeping and to simply the entire process. Your team will start to get to know your business inside and out and we'll always be here if you ever get stuck or need any help. This allows you to focus on what you do best and leave the bookkeeping to us.

Questions? Want to check something? You will be able to get in touch with your team directly and we also have our support channels which include our live chat on this website, email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All queries are responded to within 24 hours so you'll never be waiting long for a response.

Your team is filled with professionally trained accountants and bookkeepers. There is no outsourcing to be seen here either and our team are trained to understand small businesses to maximise the help available and tailor this support to your unique business needs. You'll be in great hands.


Go paperless and mobile

Keeping track of everything has never been easier. We provide you with a Receipt Bank account for you to upload and submit your receipts from your phone, email or computer. This saves you having to send us bundles of paperwork and helps to keep the entire process smooth. It's easy to use and we'll show you what to do to get started. 

Your bank account, where possible, will be hooked up so it'll bring in your statement data automatically every night. This works with all major banks but if your bank isn't supported, you would just need to provide a monthly export of your statement data each month so it's still super easy until your bank is supported.

With the Xero software we provide, you will be able to raise your invoices here and we can then reconcile these for you each month. If you prefer to raise your invoices externally then you would need to provide these to us each month.


Tax support

When it comes to tax time, we can assit you in a number of ways.
If you're here in the UK then we can help you with your business, corporation and personal taxation or we can work directly with your current accountant.

Should your business be based outside of the UK then at this time we cannot prepare the tax filings in your country but we can work with your local accountant or CPA to ensure they have everything they need to do this.

We currently offer our bookkeeping services for businesses in the following countries;
UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

We provide secure logins for your accountant or CPA to access your financial bookkeeping data which makes it easy for you to keep the people you trust in the loop about your business.

We do offer catch up bookkeeping as well which is priced and quoted for separately. We can bring you up to date in a couple of weeks and all your data is then ready to go on your new platform.


Year End Financial Package

We put together a year end package for your accountant or CPA so everything is ready to go when it comes to tax time. This includes your income statement, balance street and trial balance. Of course, if you're based in the UK then we can look after your accounts too and you get a discount as well for having both plans.

Take a look at our accounting packages.

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