Strategy & Consulting

Our ad-hoc packages to help your business flourish

This can be from helping you analyse your profitability, looking into what is holding your company back or even an analysis on your marketing strategy, and what effect this is having on your business as a whole. 

Aimed at smaller businesses, think of this as a taster to our Virtual CFO packages with less of a monthly commitment. It also works well if you have one-off projects or tasks requried on a consultancy basis and need an expert to come in and put everything in order with systems, accounting, processes etc.

Finance & Growth

Get out of a financial rut or look at ways you can improve your bottom line, grow as a company and build your empire

Revenue analysis
Product/Service costing
Mark-up efficiency
Cash flow forecasting
SEIS/EIS Advanced Assurance

£375 per day

Marketing & Focus

Let's analyse your marketing efforts and focus on the ROI of your marketing spending. Where could you improve? Are you targeting correctly?

Ad-set review
Marketing spend analysis
ROI on advertising activities
Strategies to be more effective
Social channels analysis
Retargeting and remarketing opportunities

£325 per day


Apps & Processes

Sometimes your workflow doesn't connect together. We'll integrate your existing systems and new ones that could fit and train you in the processes to use them.

Create a process "roadmap" or flow chart
Curate apps that would work well for your business
Integrate your existing systems with the new systems
Come up with workflows and processes
Everything from accounting to marketing to support apps
All within your budget for app spend

£300 per day


All prices are tax exclusive and are subject to 20% UK VAT.


How much is "a day"?

A day is 6 hours of time - this doesn't actually need to be had in the same day. This includes a 30-minute discovery call (free) to find out your needs and then 5 hours of putting the plans in motion, researching and suggesting the options to implement in your business. The final hour is for our summary with yourself and what your new processes will be to streamline your chosen area. 

What if I need more than a day?

That's okay - in your 30-minute discovery call, we'll scope out your requirements, what areas you are struggling with and how much time we think it would take. If everything is going wrong and you want us to take care of everything then expect it to be more than just 1 day. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day as the saying goes...

I have multiple problems. can I have more than one package?

Yes, but we'd recommend tackling one at a time. This is so that there isn't too much change in your business all in one week. Spread this out, get to grips with the processes and updates of one package and then move on to your next solution. We want you to be successful at the end of the day so pacing yourself is crucial.

What are your payment terms?

Our invoices are collected upfront upon agreement of the scope, the proposed amount of time and what packages you want. If your spend exceeds £750 plus VAT then we can offer payment plans over 3 months to help keep your cash flow healthy. 

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