Never miss a deadline

At Cone, we're here to make sure that everything is taken care of without all the hassle. That's why we make sure that all your deadlines are met, with good time and plenty of notice so you're always one step ahead. It sounds like this should go without saying, but you'd be surprised!

Perfect for small business

Our services are tailored towards small businesses and entrepreneurs that are trying to find that blend between running their business but also living their ideal life. We get it. When you join us, you are introduced to your new accounting team and we're here whenever you need us.

Company and Personal Tax

If you're a company director then you'll need both of these. If you're a sole trader then just the personal tax for you. Either way, we take care of it making sure you're as tax efficient as possible and ensuring that you are compliant with HMRC. Tax is tricky, so sit back, relax and leave it to us.

Add your extras

Our accounting packages are priced to meet most businesses but you might feel you need a little more, or there's something else we could do to help. We have a wide range of additional services and support and we go through this with you so you have a package tailored to your business.


year end financial package

We put together a year end package for your accountant or CPA so everything is ready to go when it comes to tax time. Of course, if you're based in the UK then we can look after your accounts too and you get a discount as well for having both plans. Take a look at our accounting packages.

monthly financial statements

At the end of each month you'll receive an income statement and a balance sheet with your transactions neatly categorised and clear for you to see exactly how your business is performing. It has never been this easy for you and your business.

training included

We want you to feel comfortable around the bookkeeping software Xero. So we'll run you through our Xero training showing you the areas important to you, from cash flow reports to raising sales invoices. It's all at your fingertips. 

Access to your data

Your bookkeeping is yours, so while we compile and organise it for you so you can clearly see the status of your business, the data is always owned by you. Should you decide to move on, we can transfer the software subscription to you or provide you with exports so you have all your information. We'd be sad to see you go but please don't fret about your data.



We'll go through your transactions each month and categorise them into types so you can see your areas of spending. Sometimes you might have costs that could go to multiple places or unique to your business, so we'll check with you on where you would like these to go.

Xero & Receipt Bank

These are our super tools. Xero links with your bank account and acts as your business hub. You can raise invoices, track your bills and run your business on the go. Receipt Bank is how you submit your receipts and expenses - take a photo and we do the rest. Easy.



Where possible, everything will be paperless from the information you provide us to the documents and data we send to you. It enables us to operate around the world while being more eco-friendly and efficient. Shoeboxes and paper bags of receipts are in the past. Technology is here so why not use it?



We've tried to keep everything as straight forward for you. You submit your data to us each month as you go about your day-to-day business. We pick everything up from there. Reports are clearly presented and receipt submission is a breeze. Xero hooks up with many applications too that you might be using so if anything can be integrated then we'll help you to get these up and running. Saving you time is the aim of the game.


The Cone Team

Our team is the glue that holds Cone together. When you join, you'll be introduced to your very own accountant to help your business. We made up of remote workers so there are frequent meetups and a yearly 'workation' where we can connect and come up with better ways to work with you.

switching to cone

If this isn't your first time working with a bookkeeping or accounts service then don't worry. We take care of the transition when you join us. We'll get in touch with your previous provider and ensure all the information is transferred over so we can hit the ground running. 

Super Support

We pride ourselves on our support to you and all questions are responded to within 24 hours Monday to Friday. It is really important for us to make sure everything we do is done to the highest standard. If you're not happy with something then let us know and we'll fix it straight away. 

Experienced in-house staff

All of our staff are trained accountants and bookkeepers or training to become one with supervision. All of our staff are in-house and we will never oursource to third-parties. It's the only way we can confidently say that your bookkeeping and accounts will be completed to the highest standard.

Still have questions? Why don't you reach out to us and we can answer any questions you may have. We also a support section covering various topics or our blog, The Cone Edit, on how to get the most out of your business and your lifestyle. 

Interested in our packages?

Take a look at our accounting and bookkeeping options and start saving time today.